Brambleridge Ponder the Truth. Halfbred Connemara gelding by *TBS Declan Pondi ex Brambleridge Truth or Dare.

'Patrick' sold quickly, within a few days of going on the market. He was purchased by eventing professional, Madeline Blackman. Maddie made her Advanced debut on Meadow Sparrow, a half-sibling to Patrick's granddam, Sparrow's Tiptoes, and wanted another from the bloodline. She plans to bring Patrick up the levels in eventing.

Brambleridge Dauntless Sparrow. Connemara Sport Horse filly by Epic Win ex Sparrow's Tiptoes (*Grange Finn Sparrow)

One Friday evening in 2014, a friend of Megan's told her that Denny Emerson was auctioning off all of his prior stallions' frozen semen online. She and Lee spent several hours studying the stallions available, and ended up purchasing several doses of semen from Denny's long deceased, 4* horse, Epic Win. Tippy was bred in 2015, and Elle was born the following spring - the wonders of science! Elle was sold in-utero to an AA on the West Coast who had followed Denny and Epic during their career together, and who was excited about the idea of owning one of his offspring. She purchased Elle with the intent to have her professionally trained and competed as an event horse, with the hopes that she will compete her herself at some point down the road.

Brambleridge Ardent Sparrow. Purebred Connemara filly by *TBS Declan Pondi ex Circe's Foil (*Grange Finn Sparrow)

'Bebe', affectionately nicknamed 'Bad Baby', was a pistol from day one. She up and galloping around the stall within moments of birth, and galloped her dam all over the paddock from day one. We carried her from the paddock to the barn those first few days, otherwise she would gallop off in the other direction! We'd intended to keep her since she is the only purebred from the *Grange Finn Sparrow line that we'd bred, but since she was Declan's daughter, we decided to offer her for sale. She was snapped up within two hours of our listing her online, and couldn't have landed in a better home. She now resides with Catherine Mack in Virginia, where she has already begun her show career.

Brambleridge Mithril. Halfbred Connemara gelding by *Ruby King Sparrow ex Thrill.

'Earl' was a custom foal we bred for a customer whose mare couldn't conceive. We were happy to make arrangements to provide them with a foal by Cian (his only foal). Fudge proved as good of a producer as we suspected she'd be, and we're looking forward to more foals out of her! Earl resides in VA with his owners; he'll get a good start under saddle to see what his aptitude is for sport!