Brambleridge Avril Starling CSH x GRP Filly by Belafonte d'Avalon (GRP) x Brambleridge Avril Starling (Conn Sport Horse)

Starling was the result of a custom breeding. We offered Avril for a custom foal option in 2016, and Starling's owner approached us about using her breeding to Belefonte d'Avalon on Avril. We hadn't used any warmblood lines until using 'Harry', and we are very pleased with the result. Starling has an outstanding temperament; she was born easy going and friendly. She's a very correct filly, and a lovely mover. She was bred for the hunter and jumper rings so, fingers crossed, she will stay pony sized. Either way she is going to make her AA owner a very fun and talented performer!

Brambleridge Finn Sparrow Halfbred Connemara Colt by *TBS Declan Pondi ex Sparrow's Tiptoes (*Grange Finn Sparrow)

We are so thrilled with this cross! We have repeated it for 2018, and are hoping for a keeper filly off of Tippy. When we decided to offer Finn for sale, he sold within a few hours of being listed for sale. Unbeknownst to us, Lee Webster Ramensky had been eyeing his photos for weeks, so when we finally advertised him, she jumped on the opportunity. Lee and her mother, Joanie Webster, are well respected, long-time Connemara breeders in California. Lee grew up competing the ponies in everything from eventing and dressage to driving and foxhunting. She dabbled in sport horses for a bit, but ultimately decided she would be happier back on a (larger) pony. We are delighted that Finn has joined such a great Connemara enthusiastic family, and we're looking forward to hearing about his and Lee's successes!

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